How we do it

Our approach reflects a proven formula developed by John based on his experience which has been gained from operating, investing, fund-raising and building their own businesses. It shapes the relationship with the entrepreneurs that we wish to back.

From initially hosting business focused interactive workshops to providing investment through simple subscription agreements, our aim is that we should get to know each other quickly and for the investment decision and funding to be timely.

1 Exploration

Up to four strategic workshop sessions normally over a three week period

2 Term sheet and Advanced Subscription Agreement

Finalisation of key terms and governance. An initial investment is typically made around 30 days of the first workshop session

3 Investor readiness

Up to four additional workshop sessions based around deliverables and goals. Due diligence done

4 Investor engagement

Full investment and funding targeted within 60 days of initial investment

5 Partnership

Ongoing active engagement, mentoring, guidance and support available up to half a day every fortnight

Work with us

Sound like we're a good match? We would love to talk and see how we can grow your business.