John Bailye


An Australian, who moved to the United States in 1987, John co-founded and assembled the team that grew a start-up to a billion-dollars in market cap (formerly on Nasdaq: DRTE) with nearly 3,000 employees. He sponsored and co-founded the New Jersey Technology Council, now with 1,500 entrepreneurs as members, which is aimed at creating an exchange for entrepreneurs’ experiences and ideas. John has personally been investing in early stage companies for many years. 

The US experience

Dendrite International

Healthcare information technology specialist – Founded a series of teams that grew the world’s first sales force automation system (focused on healthcare industries) into a global public company.

Clients located in more than 50 countries

Public for 15 years (formerly on Nasdaq: DRTE) and employed nearly 3,000 people. 

Revenues of $420m (in 2006). 

Corporate Acquisitions: Responsible for circa 20 acquisitions in 20 years. Sold for nearly $800m

The Dendrite Story: link to the article

EKR Therapeutics

Appointed Chairman and CEO of a troubled specialist hospital provider of acute-care specialty pharmaceuticals.

Revenues of $200m+ with over 100 employees.

Fund Experience

Co-founded the New Jersey Tech Council start-up fund (Sold 3.9x)

Investment adviser and Company Director for:

  • – Edison IV and V (Sold 2.5x)
  • – Updata 2 and 3 (Sold 2x)
  • – Blackbird 1 (Part Sold 5x)

Investment Experience

  • 30+ corporate acquisitions
  • 14 private investments in the US
  • 5 private investments in the UK