Private Growth Capital

Companies we invest in

Companies that qualify for our network of family office investors are companies seeking larger investments than that available through EIS, to support their growth and their already established commercialisation.

These companies will be facing challenges associated with continuous rapid growth, and a high touch function will ensure that the management team are supported with skill sets appropriate to their needs which inevitably mature and change during the growth process.

Our engagement with these companies will help prepare them for, and address, explicit problems such as structure, strategy, and most importantly preparing for and handling the impact of the “Peter principle” (“people rise to the level of their own incompetence”). In our experience, we find this problem can create profound reductions in the company’s ability to maximise its potential.

The people we invest in

The companies we support will be run by energetic, passionate, committed and very capable individuals building a team of like-minded skills around them.

The team will recognise the challenges of rapid growth and preferentially will have had some experience in the space.

The team should:
  • Be driven
  • Have a track record of returning expected targets
  • Have a clear destination for the business and understand opportunity costs incurred in ensuring those goals are met
  • Respect and support for shareholders and have good relationships with investors
  • Support increasing levels of good governance as the business grows