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It's no coincidence our name reflects our guiding principles and our values. We act only in the balanced interests of the entrepreneur and all stakeholders. As a result, our major returns only come from our share of the final value created by the business. Our commitment is that we only do a few deals each year so we can remain focused and engaged with our entrepreneurs and their teams.

  • We help the entrepreneur and the leadership team shape strategy and define the business structure that will deliver the vision
  • We use the learning and skills gained (often painfully) from our own experiences and battle scars to help entrepreneurs avoid the pitfalls that arise in running and building a successful business. In this way, we help entrepreneurs to see around corners
  • We leverage our broad experienced network to help our businesses expand and meet the right people at the right time
  • We know that entrepreneurs are at their best when they’re running their business so we plan their financing to help minimise the frustrations and time drain of ongoing fundraising
  • We are a sounding board and a frame of reference when our entrepreneurs need to talk to someone or bounce ideas around
  • We take our remuneration in a mixture of fees and equity based on agreed performance milestones and therefore the success which we manage to achieve.

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John Bailye

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To date, John Bailye has invested in over 25 small to medium sized businesses. In most cases they have been at one of the strategic or operating inflections in their growth, where they can benefit from the insights and experience of those who have gone before them, by sharing the learnings and ‘scars’ from taking companies through the challenges of rapid growth.  In addition, having built companies in over 25 countries, John Bailye brings the sidebyside partnership a unique level of experience of helping bring companies abroad, and in particular the United States where John has spent the last 30 years growing his international technology business. Click here for more details

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