Who we are

The sidebyside Partnership was created as a means to invest our experience and expertise alongside our capital. We invest in entrepreneurs and their potentially great businesses, but only where we believe we can make a difference and add value besides money. This means that we devote time to every one of our entrepreneurs to help them plan strategically and manage the challenges of a rapidly growing business. Our involvement varies based on each company’s unique needs, however, the scope is broad and driven by the entrepreneur.

Our observation is that many people can build a good company. Very few create a great one. We focus our talent and energy on people and companies that we think may make it into that very small unique group.

Our vision

We make it possible for ambitious entrepreneurs and their businesses to maximise their opportunities and financial potential.

Our promise

We only invest in businesses where we can make a difference and where we are embraced as partners by the entrepreneurs and other investors. We share the same objectives and goals.

Our values

  • Fairness We never mislead and always treat people with honesty and respect
  • Knowledge It guides us - simple, focused, clear guidance, mentoring and support
  • Clarity The importance of communicating regularly so our entrepreneurs are empowered to make the right decision
  • Confidence Giving our entrepreneurs a greater feeling of control over their future and decision making.
  • Possibilities Provide funding and support to help our entrepreneurs achieve their aspirations and enable their companies to realise their potential

Our personality

  • Expert Understanding of what it takes to enable our entrepreneurs and their companies to succeed
  • Frank Our skills and experience enable us to be honest and confident about our advice and opinions
  • Connected We collaborate and are well networked. We understand the world around our companies and keep up to date with market changes so we can help our entrepreneurs
  • Human We empower and listen. We want to see our entrepreneurs and their businesses thrive
  • Advisory We spot opportunities. We guide our entrepreneurs and are committed to helping them make informed deicisions

Our focus

Potentially great companies and entrepreneurs may come from anywhere but we focus on:

  • Growth stage and scale up businesses, both small and mid-sized
  • UK based disruptive marketplace technology businesses
  • Businesses initially needing £250k - £2m but we can commit much more based on a multi-year pre-committed financing plan we develop for our companies
  • Investing in tranches based on mutually predetermined operational milestones. We believe that this aligns us better with our entrepreneurs and investors and helps create long term sustainable businesses

Our story

To really deliver on that promise we believe all interests need aligning around the goals of the entrepreneur and their team, from the start to the end of our engagement.

We are not a fund. We don’t have any need to return money to Limited Partners in 5 or 7 years. As a result, we don’t have any need to see a promising business sold (unless the management believes it is time).

We believe it is important to not overcapitalise a growing company before it needs funding as it reduces the dilution of entrepreneurs and management teams. This is important to us, as it is our belief that the creation of wealth should be shared among the key people who made it possible and not exclusively to those who finance it.

At the sidebyside partnership we look for those very few leadership teams with the goals of creating a substantial business where opportunity meets ambition.

The centre of our investment approach is that a significant opportunity often arises from the development and deployment of technology to enhance a previous process that was neither efficient nor effective, in order to improve customer experience. We particularly focus on the B2B markets, with some specific expertise in Medtech. 

We believe that the progression of rapid growth companies follow very similar patterns. It is our experience that companies reach inflection points, and it is how they recognise and move through these points that predicts the long-term success of the business. 

Inflection points tend to occur around predictable revenue benchmarks. The first of these often around £5 million pounds of revenue, then in quick succession follow at 10, 25, 50, 125 and £200 million. Naturally, differences in sector will change these figures. Each of these is a profoundly important change in the company’s nature, and generally requires a significant enhancement to the skills of the management team. This is often accommodated by a change in the company’s sources of capital, to maximise the oncoming opportunity.

We recognise that ultimately the most critical assets of a company is the time and availability of its management team.

We therefore endeavour to assist companies that approach us with a thorough, but quick initial appraisal, to minimise disruption to the management teams during the fundraising period.

We also give special attention to female founders who have excellent businesses, but who have not succeeded in raising institutional capital. Additionally, we look for companies where there may be an adjacent strategic opportunity of substance that we can help them develop. 

Meet John

John Bailye

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To date, John Bailye has invested in over 25 small to medium sized businesses. In most cases they have been at one of the strategic or operating inflections in their growth, where they can benefit from the insights and experience of those who have gone before them, by sharing the learnings and ‘scars’ from taking companies through the challenges of rapid growth.  In addition, having built companies in over 25 countries, John Bailye brings the sidebyside partnership a unique level of experience of helping bring companies abroad, and in particular the United States where John has spent the last 30 years growing his international technology business. Click here for more details