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Dendrite International

John is best known as a healthcare information technology specialist having founded and then grown the world’s first sales force automation system which was focused on healthcare industries. Dendrite grew to serve 52 countries, had 26 international offices, was public for 15 years (Nasdaq) and employed over 3,500 people. It was valued on sale at over $800m.

While Chairman and CEO, John was responsible for 22 acquisitions both large and small but is most proud of the fact that Dendrite as an organisation created a reputed 38 millionaires and 18 multimillionaires through the hard work of its talented people. This reflects John’s belief that the creation of wealth should be shared among the key people who made it possible and not exclusively to those who finance it, although the IRR for the venture capital company that supported Dendrite was 144%!

EKR Therapeutics

John subsequently became Chairman and CEO of EKR Therapeutics, a specialist hospital products provider which manufactured and sold high technology Biologics among other products.

John is also a very engaged private angel investor specialising in the technology and medical sectors.

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