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About Us

We invest in fast-growing Consumer Tech and B2B SaaS companies with £1 - £10m in revenue.

Our focus is on partnering with companies that have already commercialised proven technologies and are now seeking to expand their reach into mainstream and international markets.

Our approach is modelled on past success

Although the long transition of a company from a start-up to mainstream markets can be lucrative, it is an unforgiving and demanding process, requiring progressively more expertise and skills in areas that management teams commonly have little or no previous expertise in.

“We have recognised that many of the companies that have been successful in this journey are assisted by the active support from those who have been through these growth phases before.”

John BailyeFounder of The SidebySide Partnership

We believe a concentrated and carefully nurtured portfolio is the best way to ensure that all our companies can reach their potential.

What makes us different

We back a select few companies at any given time to ensure each has access to our advice when needed, and capital for follow-on funding rounds.
This contrasts with other venture funds that invest single, isolated, sometimes relatively small amounts into many companies in the hope that the “winners” will outrun the “losers”, thereby, generating an overall positive return. We take the opposite approach. We believe great opportunities will only flourish with the long-term support of a committed funding partner.


+£1bn Worth of previous angel investment exits


YoY AUM growth (2022-23)

Our portfolio

When we invest, we fully invest. It’s about much more than just money.

Our portfolio

When we invest, we fully invest. It’s about much more than just money.